Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A new climate warrior

No blog posts in the last three weeks is not acceptable, but the Sea Level rise Foundation is now firmly established. We have now completed the selection process for the International Board and the Foundation is now a fully registered international organisation based in Seychelles.

In May, Ms Veronique Carolla, a young Seychelloise, joined the Sea Level Rise Foundation. She is a graduate of the University of Tasmania and comes from the beautiful island of Praslin, Seychelles.

Our temporary website is up: , hosted free by Google and we need some funding to develop the website further. Yes, we now have an intranet which is also being hosted for free by Google and this is your chance to have your email: <yourname> . Let me know if you would like to participate actively in the activities of the Foundation.

The Foundation organised its first international event in New York on the 12th May 2008. More on this later. Several projects are in concept stage and we need your financial and technical support to realise our objectives. Please let me know if you wish to support. We already have a few financial commitments and we will acknowledge them on our website shortly.

The International Polar Foundation has decided to support the Sea Level Rise Foundation,see the following web link for further information: IPF supports SLRF. We see the two foundations as being sister foundations and we are developing  a project together which we will share with you all in due course. 

We now need your active support to move the foundation forward.