Our Mission

To bring about a more focussed effort for adaptation to sea-level rise.The aim of the foundation is to:
  • Increase global awareness of the impacts of sea-level rise on Small Island States and Coastal Nations
  • Bring together committed leaders in affected regions and small islands to develop innovative and cost-effective approaches which create resilience and reduce vulnerability to sea-level rise.
  • Create an online resource knowledgebase and clearinghouse for sea-level rise related research, technologies, tools and practices.
  • Support a common platform for the exchange, research and exchange of techniques and technologies to address adaptation to sea level rise.Develop and establish mechanisms, including public-private partnerships, for the effective mobilisation of resources to address adaptation to sea-level rise.
  • Focus on capacity building and knowledge transfer to reduce vulnerability to sea level rise.
  • Encourage research into the effects of rising sea levels on biodiversity, society and sustainable development.