By the turn of this century many of the world’s islands and coast lines would have changed or disappeared altogether, placing at risk millions of people that lives and depends upon the coast. Whilst changes in sea level have occurred over the long geological history of the planet, recent global observations indicate that the rising sea-levels will dramatically transform many island nations and coastal states.

The Sea Level Rise Foundation was launched by the President of Seychelles, H.E. Mr. James Michel, at the First Global Island Partnership Strategy Meeting in Rome, Italy, on 25th September 2007 in response to the UN Secretary General’s high Level Session on Climate Change in New York.
The Sea-Level Rise Foundation aims to provide a mechanism for leveraging global attention on the impacts of climate change on small island states and other low-lying areas. The Sea Level Rise Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization based in Seychelles with an international board of trustees. All donations to the foundations will be gratefully acknowledged.